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Další sezona výzkumu středověkého dominikánského kláštera v Trimu v Irsku. Studenti ze starších ročníků, kteří tam už byli, vesměs hlásí dobré zkušenosti.

Our field school in Ireland provides third level training in heritage based studies to a number of university partners (see for more detail). The IAFS is currently undertaking archaeological investigations as part of the winning Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project (BCHAP) in the town of Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland. The archaeology comprises the buried remains of the C13th AD/CE Black (Dominican) Friary and associated graveyard, and is suitable for students from a wide range of backgrounds including archaeology, history, anthropology, forensics – or just students looking for a unique study abroad experience in general. The programme will include students of all ages and nationalities working and living in a community context, so students are actively exposed to a multi-award winning public archaeology project.  

Our main field season typically take places from May to August, and includes four week accredited courses (through our partners the Institute for Field Research) as well as shorter unaccredited options ( ). We also host a number of faculty led courses for a range of academic partners and are the industry leader in the delivery of customised heritage themed study abroad options.

Last year a winter/spring programme, The Medieval Landscape of the Black Friary, was also established, which may interest students with a more flexible study timetable (such as post-graduates). This programme includes a four week accredited course (through our partners the Institute for Field Research) as well as two week unaccredited options (see

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